The Recovery Process: Some Tips from FEMA

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Make sure food is safe to eat. Never taste food to determine if it’s safe to eat. Food may have spoiled if refrigeration was lost during power outage. Throw away any food that touched flood water. (USDA Food Safety: Keep children out of flood water. Flood waters may contain hazardous materials or dangerous animals. (CDC Flood Waters During and After a Disaster: Start the recovery process. If you have insurance, and it’s safe to return home, call your insurance company to file a claim. Take photos and videos of all damages before you start cleaning up. (NFIP – How to File a Claim: Never forget – CASH IS BEST! A financial contribution to a recognized disaster relief organization is the most effective donation to make. (Donating After a Disaster: Join a team! Do not travel to the affected area to volunteer without first connecting with an established voluntary organization. This can put you in danger, slow first responders, and fill lodging needed by survivors.

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